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Partnering with HYPO2 we provide training athletes with nutrient-rich meals during their time here in Flagstaff. Meals are delivered to your hotel in a self-serve, communal eating setting but please be aware that it is not an “all you can eat” buffet. We work directly with the team coach and/or dietitian to craft a menu that meets all of the dietary and nutritional needs.

All dinner meals will include soup OR salad, protein (or vegetarian option if needed), a 10-12 ounce portion of protein, and two sides consisting of a starch and a vegetable.


All lunch options will include fruit salad, salty (chips, pretzels, etc), & sweet (cookie bars/dessert option) daily plus the main course-salad style option or sandwiches.


Fees will be applied for increased amounts or requests outside of these offerings. All plates, bowls, flatware, and napkins for service will be provided but no “to-go” containers. Your team is more than welcome to bring their own "to-go" containers. Beverages are NOT included with food service; we can make arrangements for water to be available at no extra cost.

Important information for coaches

We are a small, independently-owned catering business, and our calendar books up fast. If this is a service you are interested in you need to reach out today.

Book Today

Schedule depending we can offer meals for as many days as you would like. The sooner you book the more likely we will be able to accommodate all of your food needs. We will not consider you a booked client until you have signed our contract.

Upon booking, we will work with you to create the menu in advance before your team arrives. At that time we will need to be made aware of any dietary allergies or restrictions as this may affect menu planning &/or ordering. 

If proper notice is not given certain requests may not fit the given menu and budget constraints (minimum 3 days’ notice required) Further, due to the cost of ingredients a “supplemental” fee may need to be assessed depending on the diet(s) being supported & the number of athletes with needs.

We need at least 72 hours of notice if you need to cancel/change any meal service. If it is less than 72 hours we will try our best to accommodate any requests/changes but it is not a guarantee. If you cancel in less than 72 hours before the scheduled date you will be charged the full price. The reason for this strict no last-minute changes is that food for meals is ordered in advance from vendors and can not be returned. 

Meals are prepared to feed your booked group size. Your group count must include every member of your team who plans on eating. If you need to add to this group size we need to be made aware as soon as possible and an addendum quote will be created for the additional charge. 

We will need a point of contact (a coach or trainer who is traveling with the team to Flagstaff) to communicate with about meals, questions, etc. This person also needs to relay to the team that this is not an “all you can eat” buffet and that dining service will be limited to 1-hour max.

Meals will be primarily served in the hotel’s private meeting room (Whispering Pines meeting room), however, at times the room may be booked. If this were to happen service would be set up in a communal dining area located next to the lobby. This is outside of our and HYPO2 control but we work closely with the hotel to ensure private dining when possible.

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